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Special Care


Special Care

Wedding Gowns

Special days only come once in a lifetime. We understand the preciousness and value of your wedding gown. As a symbol of one of the most important days of your life, we make sure that each gown is individually hand washed for vibrancy and preservation.

Cleaning & Preservation

Every wedding gown is given professional attention by our highly trained staff, with necessary precautions taken to protect delicate beads, embroidery, and lace. After a thorough inspection, wedding gowns are carefully pressed, and sealed with tissue in our acid-free boxes.

Anti-Sugar Stain Treatment

In addition to a thorough hand washing, all of the wedding gowns we receive undergo an anti-sugar stain treatment. This process targets invisible spills containing sugar, salt, and acid that over time can turn brown.


Wedding gowns that are brought to our facilities are also able to undergo a restoration process. This special process restores antique gowns to their true color without any damage done to the delicate fabrics or dyes. Our restoration methods meticulously remove stains and discolorations that other ordinary dry cleaners cannot.

Suede, Leathers, and Furs

Suede, leather, and fur must be carefully cleaned in order to prevent any damage to delicate materials. Our dedicated staff is fully trained to not only clean your garments, but to also replenish and promote its natural oils. Our delicate and thorough cleaning process will protect your suede, leathers, and furs from further wear, while also keeping them looking like new!


We are also able to clean such materials as mink, lambskin, snakeskin, cowhide, alligator skin, and much more! No request is ever impossible to fulfill!

Specialty Items

Special items such as exceptional garments or items are treated with the utmost precision and care. Each garment or item is carefully inspected upon arrival, ensuring the best possible method of care. Specialty Items include but are not limited to: intricate beads, custom-made designer clothing, and garments with tags that require specific instruments (i.e. do not dry cleaning, do not wash, etc).


Our professional specialists are highly trained and well prepared to tackle any and all unusual textiles. No request is ever out of the ordinary!