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Pure Cleaning


Pure Cleaning

100% Pure Wet Cleaning

By using our computerized washing machines and pure clean water, your garments will be cleaned like never before! All of the solvents and conditioners used are safe for the environment, and kind to sensitive skin.


All garments are then double inspected for quality of pressing, stain removal, and minor repairs all at no extra charge. Tissues are also put into the garment sleeves to prevent wrinkling, and wrapped in our thick plastic bags to protect the press job.

Shirt Laundering

Our shirts are washed using special solvents to minimize shrinkage and prevent fading. Upon packaging, every shirt is inspected of broken buttons, and finely pressed to ensure proper shape of collars, shoulder, and placket. Our service also uses a natural cooking starch as opposed to instant or synthetic starches. These natural starches leave the skin feeling comfortable and smooth, and do not cause any skin irritation like other starches that are commonly used by other dry cleaners.


For customers who prefer to have their shirts on hangers: shirts are packed in thick plastic to protect the press job.


For customers who prefer to have their shirts folded: shirts are neatly packed with tissue in our recyclable cardboard boxes.

Traveling for business or pleasure?

Our light recyclable boxes are great for throwing right into your suitcase! Shirts are specially folded inside boxes to protect from wrinkling and press work. These boxes are also taking up minimal space and come in a variety of sizes.


Custom Fold – We provide custom folding. By request of our customers who are traveling our professional staff sorts and separates each garment according to its designated category, and your clothes are neatly folded in box.

Special Requirements

If an items needs special attention such as a stain or repair, please send it in as dry cleaning or alterations. Special items such as comforters, pillows, or blankets may be charged by the piece and not by pound, since such items require special attention.

Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions on special items or requirements for your garments!